ViA Government

The ViA Government solutions has been developed as part of an unique overall structure that results in that everyone, using or being part of the ViA model can benefit, largely.

Few like to hear that the government would be involved in what we may do in a small business, but if there is a mutual benefit, and more important, it can be done without putting a burden on the small business, and maybe even give the small business advantages, that there is likely so that such proposed solutions can wider be accepted.

Besides that different function and public services which can be handled via the ViA Merchant model and the ViA Cashier solution to, the ViA Cashier solution make it possible for even the smallest merchant to handle items sold and logistic, in the same way as a traditional shop, but... in a better way!

Even Government entities, departments and sometime subsidiaries can use the ViA Cashier solution to improve the way items is being handed out or sold, with instant logistic and facts reported back as any other a better way!


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